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Out of all of the products you’ve created, what is your favorite?
The Secret Camouflage concealer, I can go out with no foundation as long as I have this!

What is the biggest makeup mistake women make?

It’s different depending on the country. In America women wear too much foundation. They don’t know how to put it on so they put too much. They go heavy on the skin and then too light on the lips and eyes. In France they do the smoky eye or a red lip and not enough on the skin. Or they’re obsessed with looking brown and tan and put on too much bronzer.

What products does every woman need?
Whatever your skin requires and needs to look flawless whether it’s concealer, powder, foundation. After that something for a smoky eye. A dark gray, black, or dark brown pencil to emphasize and intensify the eye. When you’re out at night in the artificial lights, eye shadow alone makes no difference and isn’t enough. You need something more.

What’s in your makeup bag right now?

A Laura Mercier lip palette that won’t launch until Spring 2010, black eyeliner pencil, a lip pencil. I usually have blush but I forgot it today. My lip gloss. I always put this on when I feel like I’ve worked all day, I’ve talked a lot and my lips are tired. I’ll just put this on at the end of the day or in the car. It’s all touch-up stuff.

What is the best beauty advice you’ve ever been given?
Never put makeup on dirty skin and make sure your skin is taken care of. Don’t ever skip washing your face! Even if you go out at night and have had a couple of drinks and just want to go to sleep, wash your face!

What spring makeup trends are you seeing now?
There are still lots of colors, but certain ones are muted and some are strong, like indigo blue. Muted gray blues, navy blues, but nothing extreme. Red lipstick is not as bright, it’s almost a brick, a dirty red. Lots of greens and teals, mauves and deep purples. Neutrals are coming back slowly.

How would you describe your latest collection, Gilded Garden?
It’s easy, feminine, romantic, a no-brainer. And it’s totally enhancing because the colors work on everyone.

Make-up van Laura Mercier is te koop bij Skins Cosmetics in Nederland.

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