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Television tipped for beauty success by NPD

By Guy Montague-Jones, 18-Mar-2009

Related topics: Products & Markets

NPD Group tips infomercials and TV shopping as promising avenues for beauty companies looking to beat the recession.

Women are making fewer shopping trips, spending more time at home and thinking more carefully about their purchasing decisions because of the economic situation. All these facts support the hypothesis that opportunities lie in the television.

Potential of TV in troubled times

Karen Grant, senior global industry analyst and vice president, Beauty, said: “In today’s challenging economic climate, as consumers are being more careful and conscientious in their spending, there are even greater opportunities for this channel if there is a transition from being primarily impulse driven to being more planned as an alternative venue for beauty shopping.

“By leveraging the peak time of shopping and other core elements of its appeal, TV networks and infomercials stand to benefit as a complementary vehicle to help fuel in-store sales, particularly in makeup and skincare, the two better performing categories of beauty.”

Attitudes and habits of TV shoppers

The market research company conducted a survey in November of female shoppers in the US that provides a sketch of attitudes and approaches to TV shopping and infomercials.

According to the survey, TV beauty buyers tend to be big spenders, forking out as much as fine department store shoppers and more than those who shop at traditional department stores and dermatologists.

The respondents who shop for beauty products on television gave three main reasons for spending more beauty dollars on TV. A total of 52 percent said “it’s easier to shop there”, 43 percent said “there are more products available that I like” and 35 percent said “I purchased more beauty products in general compared to last year.”

The survey also uncovered the way in which women shop on TV. NPD said women were most likely to shop just one hour or less a week and were most likely to tune in between 8pm and 10pm although large numbers also sit down to shop between 10pm and 2am.

The survey also suggested that selling products through the TV can have a positive impact on sales through other channels. Thirty-eight percent of TV shoppers said they browsed on TV to compare prices or get product information and then buy online or in stores.

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